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At Essential Life Laser Skin Care Clinic, our obsession is Skin, and everything to do with Skin Care. We spend a lot of our time learning about skin, talking about skin, examining skin, identifying skin conditions and figuring out the best technology and methodology to treat skin conditions. We work with you year-round to get your skin looking the absolute best it can to give you that extra edge (or nudge) towards success.

And what does skin care have to do with your success? Well, we truly believe that healthy skin will enhance your success by making you look more youthful, happier, more confident, and less stressed.  A look that will surely inspire and excite the people you depend on to work harder towards your success; and theirs too. At Essential Life, “Skin Care for Success” is not just mere words; it’s our commitment to you!

skin care for success

As your skin care advisor we will always ensure you get the best advice and treatment for all of your skin concerns. Our onsite and referral network of skin care professionals are experienced in treating all skin types and skin conditions. We provide solutions to all of your skin care needs, using only the latest medical grade technologies and treatments.

skin care for success

If you have concerns with:

we have a treatment solution for you!

Skin care today has evolved beyond the superficial topical treatment of the epidermis. Technology now allows us to treat deep within the 2nd layer of the skin, the dermis, where we can actively correct for loss of collagen and elasticity. This allows us to provide permanent or long-lasting solutions to many of your skin care concerns. Our technology and skin care products are provided by world class companies such as InMode, Cynosure, Vivier Pharma, and SkinCeuticals and during your skin evaluation we will discuss with you all of the treatment options available to address your skin concerns. There’s a lot to choose from and we’ll ensure that your treatment protocol is the best one for your skin type and your skin condition.

While we endeavor to put as much information as possible on our website to inform you about skin conditions and treatment protocols the body of knowledge is too vast to include on a single site. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require additional information. All of our consultations are at no cost to you.

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Inmode Forma and Forma Plus

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Clinic Director

Clinic Director

At Essential Life, we bring our extensive years of experience in health, wellness, skin care, and other related disciplines to bear upon the solutions we recommend to our clients to alleviate their skin conditions.

We have a passion for skin care and during your initial skin evaluation we will identify a treatment program that is best suited to your skin type and the skin concerns you would like us to help you with.

We treat all of our clients’ skin conditions with respect and compassion and work diligently to find solutions to all of your skin concerns. Our hope is that when you step out, you can do so with confidence knowing that your skin looks its absolute best. In other words, “Skin Care Solutions to help you Make First Impressions Last.”

And in those exceptional circumstances where your skin condition is not responding well to treatment we do our best to coach you on how to live with the condition; and if counselling is required we will help you find an experienced counsellor too.

I look forward to personally helping you with your skin care concerns.




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