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Dermal Fillers for Facial Volume Loss

As you grow older, you begin to lose collagen and facial fat largely due to heredity and the aging process. As the skin ages, it loses much of its elasticity and you start to lose facial volume. Loss of facial volume can cause eyes to look sunken, cheeks to hollow out, folds to form from the corner of the nose to the outer edge of the mouth, loose skin to form around the jawlines (jowls) and skin to lose its overall firmness and elasticity. Diligently maintaining your weight through diet or exercise can heighten the problem because fat is the very thing that helps plump out lines and wrinkles.

facial volume loss1

facial volume loss2

facial volume loss3

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Fortunately, there are a number of dermal fillers (injectable treatments) that will restore facial volume that work fairly quickly and results are usually visible within a short period of time. Results can typically last from six months up to two years, depending on the product used.

Facial Volume Dermal Filler Solutions:

(Please note that all dermal fillers injectible treatments are referred to an independent medical practitioner trained and licenced to perform such services).

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