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Body Contouring/Body Sculpting - Lose belly fat and inches around your waist with non-surgical SculpSure® Warm Sculpting!

"SculpSure's light-based body contouring/body sculpting system treats areas of stubborn fat that seem resistant to diet and exercise. SculpSure® helps you lose belly fat and achieve the shape you want."

Even with diet and exercise, many people have stubborn pockets of fat that just seem impossible to lose. Body contouring/body sculpting, using SculpSure®, is able to target these areas; helping people achieve their desired shape by losing inches around their waist and other treatment areas. This is accomplished by non-surgical lipolysis of the abdomen, flanks, thighs and upper back using laser heat (commonly referred to as Warm Sculpting) to permanently eliminate up to 24% of the fat cells in the treated areas. In contrast, when you lose weight, your fat cells become smaller and when you gain weigh your fat cells become larger; in both instances, however, the number of fat cells in your body remain the same.

Body Contouring/Body Sculpting Before and After Treatment Pictures

8 weeks after 2 Tx of SculpSure body contouring/body sculpting sessions for abdomen

8 weeks after 2 Tx of SculpSure body contouring/body sculpting sessions for flanks

12 weeks after 2 Tx of SculpSure body contouring/body sculpting sessions for flanks and abdomen

12 weeks after 2 Tx of SculpSure body contouring/body sculpting sessions for flanks and abdomen

6 weeks after 2 Tx of SculpSure body contouring/body sculpting sessions for flanks and belly

(Results may vary with each individual and are not guaranteed)

What to Expect - Before & After Your Sculpsure® Treatment

At Essential Life Skin Care Clinic you will receive a free assessment, at no cost and no obligation to you, to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the SculpSure® body contouring/body sculpting treatment. During the assessment we review your medical history, walk you through the SculpSure® treatment steps, identify the areas to be treated and schedule your first treatment appointment. We will provide you with comprehensive pre-treatment instructions to assist you in preparing for your treatment. On your first appointment we will do 360-degree photography of all treatment areas, measure your weight and determine your BMI. This becomes a record of your treatment starting point to measure how well you lose belly fat and fat in other treatment areas. We can then evaluate your body contouring/body sculpting results over time.

The area to be treated will be marked, the treatment frames will be configured to suit the treatment area and securely attached. Your treatment will then commence and will last for approximately 25 minutes. During the treatment you will cycle between periods of laser heat to destroy the fat cells and cooling to keep you comfortable. Most patients feel a deep warmth and/or tingling sensation intermittently throughout the treatment which is generally well-tolerated.

One of our trained SculpSure® Clinicians will be with you throughout the treatment to monitor the treatment and to ensure you are comfortable at all times during the treatment. After the treatment, we will review post-treatment instructions with you. It is very important to follow the post-treatment instructions especially with regards to keeping active to ensure you are optimizing the elimination of the destroyed fat cells. You will be able to resume your normal daily activities following your treatment, with no downtime.

You may start to see results as early as 6 weeks following treatment, as your body begins to eliminate the destroyed fat cells, with optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks. Treated fat cells are permanently eliminated and will not regenerate. We will schedule a follow up appointment with you during this time to take photos, to discuss your treatment progress and follow up treatments, if required.

As one of the first clinics to perform SculpSure® body contouring and fat reduction treatments in Canada, our SculpSure® Clinicians, in addition to being highly trained professionals, have developed a substantial amount of treatment experience and unique treatment techniques to ensure you get the best possible results from your SculpSure® treatment.

Congratulations on taking this step to transform your body and rest assured that we will be with you all the way.

Am I a Candidate?

Are you bothered by excess fat that doesn't respond to diet or exercise? Genetics can often override attempts to lose weight in these problem areas. If you would like to reshape your body beyond what a healthy and physical lifestyle can do, SculpSure® may be the body contouring and fat reduction solution for you. Book a Free Consultation today to find out if SculpSure is suitable for you.

No surgery, no needles, no downtime. Just results! Ask us if SculpSure® is right for you!

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